Perfect Nonsense

Second leg of our far east tour – which started at Sydney Opera House before moving on to Adelaide, Melbourne, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong and then continued in India with the final shows in Chennai and Bangalore.

Following a sell-out year in London’s West End and three successful UK tours, (I worked on the last UK tour) the charmingly incompetent English gentleman Bertie Wooster and his unflappable valet Jeeves played to often bemused audiences – with more quick changes than you can shake a stick at.

Winner of Best New Comedy at the 2014 Olivier Awards, PERFECT NONSENSE layers joy on joy and joke on joke in a hilarious evening of theatrical absurdity featuring renowned author P.G. Wodehouse’s iconic double act. With Joseph Chance as Jeeves, Matthew Carter as Wooster and actor/writer Robert Goodale as Seppings the butler – the show recounts the weekend’s escapades in an evening of raucous comedy, playing a colourful array of Wodehouse’s well-loved characters including Gussie Fink-Nottle, Madeline Bassett, Sir Watkin Bassett, Aunt Dahlia, Roderick Spode and Constable Oates.